Sha’ar HaGai; Oil on Canvas, 105×64 cm

Yehoshua Grossbard

Yehoshua Grossbard was born in 1902 in Serock, Poland. In 1911 he studied at the Ciechanow Yeshiva School, while constructing and painting synagogues for a living. During the 20’s he studied art in Vilna and Warsaw, and took part in the Jewish Artists Union of Poland. In 1939 he immigrated to Palestine with his wife – painter Batia Grossbard. They settled in Haifa. He was one of the founders of the Artists Village in Ein Hod; took part in the local Artists Association and was a member of the Maki Party. Most of his works portrayed the urban landscapes of Haifa. During the 60’s he created various works made of paper-cuts, in which he included folkloric motifs from Jewish literature.