Galilee; Oil on Canvas, 34×57 cm

Itzchak Frankel

Itzchak Frankel was born in 1900 in Odessa. Between 1916-1918 he studied painting at a local school in Odessa, and in 1919 he immigrated to Palestine. At first, he tried to open a painting atelier at the Herzlyia Gymnasium, Tel Aviv. Then, he took part in a artistic collective named  “Hatomer”, aiming to promote Modern Art in Israel. Between 1920-1925 he traveled to Paris, in order to study at the École des Beaux Arts, where he also exhibited his works. His paintings from the Parisian period were highly influenced by Abstract painting and Cubism. Upon his return to Palestine he opened a painting atelier. There, he worked and taught many students, among them were painters: Mordechai Levanon, David Hendler, Arieh Navon and Jenia Berger. After his atelier was closed he traveled again to Paris and painted there between the years 1929-1934. In that period of time he turned to a realistic painting approach. In 1972 a museum in his honor was opened in Safed – the Frankel Museum, exhibiting most of his works until this day. At the age of 69 he married his fourth Ilana, who was 46 years younger than him. After his death she continued to run the museum.